Independent design and consulting company focused on optimising the experience of interactive media.


Our expertise is emotion and motivation, based on 20 years of research and work in this field.



Our approach to design is based on a combination of 3 fields which provide a powerful tool for enhancing user experience:


  • Gamification: using the psychology of games to make non-game applications more engaging and easier to use.


  • Behavioural Economics: utilizing the fact that our decisions are mostly driven by emotions rather than rationality, to make users respond in the way you desire.


  • Persuasive Design: shaping user-behavior to your needs without the use of reward or punishment, but simply designing your site following specific cognitive and aesthetic principles.





lim.bic, adjective: the Limbic System is the center in the brain which control emotion and motivation., noun: the sideshow travelled alongside the circus in the old west, containing alternative

and unusual acts not fit in the conventional performance.


Limbic Sideshow: enhancing user emotion and motivation through new and alternative means.




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